Yoga Classes and Weight Loss - A Perfect Match 

Are you looking for a weight loss solution, like any pill, or program every corner? With so many online and offline options, it can be hard to know and select all suitable activities to meet your weight loss goals and maintain your fitness levels. 

Yoga is a great option; you can choose to lose pounds and get back in shape. A big thanks to its ability to help you build awareness of your body, how it feels, and how your mind reacts to it! 

Indeed, Yoga doesn't burn a lot of calories as compared to other exercises. Apart from weight loss, Yoga has many other benefits such as:

  • Increased flexibility 
  • Increased Strength 
  • Increased Awareness

Yoga performed under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor helps you stimulate your internal organs and award you a healthy life. During Yoga, you can use your body weight to built your muscles. It results in healthy weight loss, faster metabolism, less stress, and better overall health. 

Now, you might be excited to know which type of Yoga best results in weight loss? 

Any guesses?

Power Yoga is the perfect answer. Yes, you heard it right! Power yoga and weight loss have a great connection as this form of Yoga is a part of a cardiovascular workout. Isn't it amazing how Yoga proves to be a perfect remedy for any cure, no matter what? 

So, if you want to shed pounds and are scrounging various options, don't look away! Give Power, i.e., Vinyasa Yoga, a chance! You'll not only enjoy the practice but burn some calories too, which ultimately is your goal. '

There might be specific questions running your head about what Vinyasa Yoga is, how it aids in weight loss, etc. Please keep reading to gain a deep insight into how weight loss yoga classes are a perfect choice!

What is Power Yoga? 

Although Power Yoga is not an official form of Yoga, the term sometimes is used interchangeably with Vinyasa Yoga. It would probably be more apt to say that power yoga is a form of Vinyasa that has its roots in Ashtanga Yoga. 

It is a fitness-based workout. Much like Ashtanga, when you practice power yoga, your body produces internal heat and boosts your stamina and metabolism. It is increasingly becoming popular around the world. In short, it is a complete workout that builds up your strength while promoting weight loss. 

Nowadays, you all might be aware that fitness and weight loss have become the need of the hour.

What are the Benefits? 

Power Yoga has the same benefits as a usual Yoga workout. However, there are some surprising reasons why you must practice this form for weight loss. 

  1. It helps burn a fair amount of calories. 
  2. It tones and strengthens even your inactive muscles. 
  3. It makes you more focused and concentrated. 
  4. It makes you calm and relaxed. 
  5. It builds strength, flexibility and increases your core strength.
  6. It boosts your metabolism. 

When not to Practice it?

It's best to avoid this form of Yoga or practice it under the guidance of a yoga instructor if you: 

  1. Are Pregnant
  2. Suffering from serious injuries
  3. Experienced a recent surgery 
  4. Have a severe disorder or disease

Power Yoga Classes and Weight Loss - An Ideal Plan 

If your main goal is to lose weight, you can add two or more PY sessions amidst your cardio session per week. The combination of Power Yoga and cardio is a good plan for sustainable weight loss.

It helps you lengthen your muscles through intense stretching, and it is an excellent addition to your regular fitness routine. 

Are you ready to start your fitness journey now? Hurry Up and get a fit body with Power Yoga classes for weight loss