Vajrasana – What are the Health Benefits and How to do it! 

Vajrasana is a simple seated yoga pose. In the Sanskrit language, it means thunderbolt or diamond. To perform this pose, you need to kneel down and sit back on your legs to hold the weight of knees. Several breathing exercises and Pranayama is done in this position. This pose, if done regularly is sure to make your body as strong as diamond.

It is the best yoga pose that you can perform easily, and still gain an array of benefits. It is also known as “Adamantine Pose.”

How to Perform Vajrasana?

You can get into this pose by following the 10 simple steps such as:

Step 1: Find a comfortable position and kneel down on the floor.

Step 2: You can use a bolster or a yoga mat for your comfort.

Step 3: Keep your knees and ankles close to each other.

Step 4: Exhale while sitting back on your legs.

Step 5: Let your buttocks rest on your thighs and let your thighs rest on your calves.

Step 6: Put your hands on your thighs.

Step 7: Breathe in and out and try to focus on your breath.

Step 8: Gaze forward with your chin parallel to the floor.

Step 9: Perform this after having a meal!

Step 10: Relax! 

Note* Don’t forget to catch the sight of the tips that you need to follow prior to performing Vajrasana.

Tips for Performing Vajrasana

  • It is the only yoga asana you can perform after having your meals.
  • Practicing this asana improves your digestive system.
  • It helps you absorb the nutrients present in the food.
  • Start with less duration and then gradually increase the timings.
  • It gives you a better body posture.

Top Benefits of Vajrasana

  • Best for Digestive System

Performing Vajrasana regularly aids your digestive system in many ways. It increases blood circulation in your stomach, thereby keeping the problem of constipation at bay. Generally, any kind of exercise is not done after having meals; nevertheless, it is always good to perform Vajrasana after meals.

  • Cures Lower Back Pain

Performing this yoga asana strengthens the muscles of your lower back, thereby providing you great relief from any kind of pain and discomfort. Hence, it’s always better to perform this asana if you are suffering from lower back pain. Also, there are certain yoga poses to cure the pain in your lower back.

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  • Tones up your Pelvic Muscles

Performing Vajrasana increases blood circulation in your stomach and pelvic area, thereby toning up your pelvic muscles. Also, it helps to ease labor pains and provides you relief from painful menstrual cramps.

  • Calms your Mind

Performing diamond pose is the best asana to practice meditation. Also, by being in this pose, you can also perform certain breathing exercises that in turn will calm your mind and contribute to your emotional well-being.

  • Treats High Blood Pressure

Vajrasana helps you to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. It lowers down your blood sugar levels and protects you from various cardiovascular disorders. Perform this asana regularly if you want to eradicate the problem of high blood pressure.

  • Improves your Sleeping Pattern

Performing the diamond pose calms your mind and reduces the stress then automatically rewards you with a smooth sleeping pattern. Nowadays, sleep care has become one of the best forms of self-care that you need to practice with utmost care if you want to optimize your overall health.

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You should avoid this pose if:

  • You are suffering from knee pain.
  • You are suffering from Hernia or intestinal problems.
  • You are having problems related to the back.
  • You are stiff or any other problems related to your foot, ankle, and knees.

Vajrasana is one of the best yoga asanas that you can perform after consuming meals. However, it’s advisable not to perform this yoga asana if you are suffering from the problems mentioned above. You can also explore the yoga teacher training programs that we offer if you want to become a yoga professional. All the courses we offer are affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA. Interested candidates can fill the form and get in touch.