7 Beautiful Keys to Enter the Door of Happiness

Happiness is just like a set of clothes that look completely different on everyone. For you, maybe it’s having a chocolate donut with some cold coffee or having a group of friends who love and care for you unconditionally or the habit of feeding animals and taking care of them or it might be hitting the gym to lift the weights.

It is true that life is full of ups and downs. Well, the ups and downs are indications that you are living. So, if you’re facing ups and downs in your life, it is a true indicator that you’re living your life to the full extent.

Well, your habits define your happiness. So, it’s high time to ditch your bad habits with the good ones. So, leave the habits that only create stress and don’t fit your lifestyle and adapt the healthy habits and walk on their beautiful path to enter the beautiful door of happiness. Well, there are no set rules to stay happy.

If spending more time with your friends makes you happy, do more of that.

If hitting the gym makes you happy, do excess of that.

So, start focusing on what you have and doing what makes your soul happy. When you’’ start each day feeling blessed and grateful about what you have, you’ll feel happier and confident. If you want the keys to open the door of happiness, then start by taking proper responsibility.

Below are the 7 keys that are sure to open the gates of happiness. So, try each and every key and enter the beautiful horizon of happiness.

  1. Be Happy with Yourself

In order to unlock the beautiful door of happiness, it’s very important to be happy with yourself first because happy souls spread happiness.

Happiness attracts happiness and it’s true! When you’ll start prioritizing being happy with yourself, you’ll sprinkle positive vibes everywhere where you’ll go, be it school, college, or office. Become the happiest version of yourself that more and more people want to spend time with you.

2. Surround yourself with the Happy Faces

If you want to stay happy, surround yourself and spend time with happy people. Be with the people who make you feel energized, joyful, and valued. Don’t spend with unhappy people, as you’ll become unhappy.

When you spend time with a person who always blames and complains, you’ll naturally gravitate to the negativity that in turn will push towards the well of unhappiness. So, always choose to surround yourself with the person having a positive mindset so that you can also develop the same positive mindset.

3. Start Exercising Daily

Exercise isn’t just for the body. Regular exercise such as yoga and meditation, if done regularly can help you to alleviate the stress and symptoms of depression and will boost your self-esteem and happiness.

So, start incorporating the practices of yoga and meditation into your daily lives as it is the best key that will open the doors for happiness. Don’t burden yourself with a lot of exercises. Start by doing the yoga poses that are best suited for beginners followed by a 2-minutes meditation.

Do you want to know the yoga poses for the beginners?

4. Get Enough Sleep

The late-night Netflix shows, office workload steers you towards less sleep, however, adequate sleep is vital if you want to attain good health, and stay happy. Hence, if you want to enter the castle of happiness, it’s important to get enough sleep i.e. at least 7-8 hours every night.

All you need to do is build a better sleep routine that in turn will reward you with sound sleep. Take a target of suppose 15 days and follow a proper sleep routine and the results will astound you.

5. Focus on Your Progress, no matter big or small

You might have heard this statement that “SLOW progress is better than NO progress.” Happiness is often achieved when you achieve your set goals. Start celebrating your progress, no matter big or small as progress is always progress.

Suppose, after one month of doing a hardcore workout, you lost 3-4 KGs of weight. In this case, wearing clothes, that was tight earlier, will make you feel overwhelmed and motivate you to do more.  Always focus on the progress that you’ve achieved, rather than focusing on perfection!  

6. Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

The key to happiness is to be happy with who you are. When you focus on your achievements, your progress, your capabilities, you’ll become proud and confident. It’s very easy to compare yourself with others; however, it will only give you frustration and stress, nothing else.

So, start focusing on your life by appreciating what you have. If you want to be happy, it’s always advisable to celebrate your own wins and success rather than looking to other people’s success.

7. Be Grateful for what you have

Being grateful for what you have is sure to give your mood a major boost. Start appreciating the small things in life because when you appreciate a small effort, its value grows. When you’re having a difficult day, don’t feel sad, rather focus on the blessings and the things that you have and others don’t.

Gratitude is the best medicine that heals your mind, body, and spirit. So, be grateful as it helps you attract more things to be grateful for. Always try to find something good every day and in every situation. It will not take anything from you, but it will reward you with beautiful things such as happiness and peace of mind.

Take a 20-Days Happiness Challenge 

Making others smile should be your motive as the world needs more of that! Well, take a challenge and make a commitment to stay happy for a specific period of time, let’s suppose 20 days, and you’ll be astonished by the results you’ll get after 20 days.

Keep two things in mind,

If you’ll start looking at what you have in life, you’ll always have more of that. And if you’ll start looking at what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough!

So, start to appreciate rather than complain!

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