11 Reasons Why Eating Chocolate is good for your Health

Just imagine eating chocolates without fretting? Isn’t it beyond your expectations? So, are you ready to experience a guilt-free pleasure? Chocolate is BAE – no matter what everyone says. After all, chocolate is the best answer, no matter whatever the question is!

Chocolates are the small bricks of happiness that constitute a balanced diet. From attempting to reduce your risk of heart diseases and cure your problem of low blood pressure, chocolates are the best!

However, prior to delving into the reasons why eating chocolate is good for your health, you must be aware of the types of chocolates and must be aware that not all types of chocolates contain a high level of flavonoids and award you with good health.

Mainly, there are three kinds of chocolates:

  • White Chocolate

White chocolate is made with a perfect blend of sugar, cocoa, butter, milk products, Vanilla, and a fatty substance called Lecithin. It tastes comparatively sweeter due to the amount of cocoa butter and sugar in it.

  • Milk Chocolate

White chocolate contains no cocoa content and is made entirely with a perfect blend of sugars, milk, and cocoa butter.

  • Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that have a positive effect on your health. It is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the entire planet. Certain studies show that dark chocolate can improve your overall health and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The above observation suggests that dark chocolate is the best one for your improved health. It is loaded with organic compounds that are active biologically and act as antioxidants. It includes polyphenols, flavonoids, and catechins. On the other hand, milk and white chocolate contain lesser amounts of cocoa and are high in sugar content.

In this article, we’ve shared not one, not two, but 11 top reasons why eating dark chocolate is the best choice to go guild-free.

  1. Powerful Warehouse of Antioxidants

Flavanoid is an antioxidant that is present in chocolates. It helps your body function more effectively and acts as a shield against everyday toxins and stressors. This essential element present in dark chocolates works as an anti-viral, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. Dark chocolate, if eaten regularly, helps slow down the growth of cancer cells and act as a powerful warehouse of antioxidants.

2. Bolsters your Mood

Think once that even a thought of chocolate brings a wide grin to your face, so just imagine consuming it will actually uplift your mood. Dark chocolate boosts the happiness hormone i.e. Serotonin Hormone. So, if you are feeling sad, grab a block of dark chocolate as it is sure to influence your mood.

3. Improve overall Blood Flow and Lower Blood Pressure

The anti-oxidants rich compounds present in dark chocolate improves your blood pressure by helping the line of the blood vessels expand and contract better to improve the overall blood flow more effectively. Eating dark chocolate decreases your blood pressure, improves insulin sensitivity in healthy people, and moreover reduces your risk of developing the problem of Diabetes.

4. Keeps Cardiovascular and Heart Diseases at Bay

It is true that a healthy lifestyle; eating a healthy and balanced diet, eating fiber-rich food, doing Yoga and meditation regularly can significantly decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, dark chocolates also play a major role in keeping your CVD and Heart diseases at bay. The secret ingredient is Flavanoids that help remove the toxins and improve the overall blood flow throughout your body.

5. Improves your Concentration, Focus, and Attention

Dark chocolate contains anti-oxidant properties and contains stimulants such as Caffeine that result in improved concentration, focus, and attention. Does chocolate really work? The good news is that you can improve your chances of maintaining a healthy brain if you add “dark chocolate” to your diet.

6. Contains Anti-Aging properties

Dark chocolate contains rich anti-aging properties that help your body to fight against the toxins and free radicals that have been ruling your body for so long. These toxins if left untreated can cause severe damage to your skin. So, if you want to experience glowing skin, don’t forget to consume a cube of dark chocolate every day.

7. Protects your Skin from the Sun

The bioactive compounds present in dark chocolate are great for your skin. It can protect you against sun damage, improve your blood flow throughout your body, increase your skin density, and keep your skin hydrated. So, if you’re planning a beach vacation, don’t forget to carry dark chocolates as they will help you save your beautiful skin from the harmful rays of the Sun.

8. Improves the Functioning of your Brain

Certain studies suggest that dark chocolate consumption keeps your brain in good health. You all know that this chocolate has the ability to improve the flow of blood throughout the body that can itself make your brain functioning much better. Flavanoid present in dark chocolate prevents the death of brain cells, thereby reducing the risk of certain health ailments.

9. Acts as a Stress-Reliever

Go ahead; treat yourself with a block of Dark Chocolate as it relieves all your stress and tensions that have been disturbing you for so long. Certain studies suggest that eating dark chocolate change the waves of your brain frequency, thereby resulting in improving your memory and reduction of unnecessary stress.

10. Rich Source of Nutrients

Yes! You heard it right! It is true that dark chocolate is fully loaded with nutrients and an array of vitamins and minerals that are vital for the functioning of your body. Also, it has a high concentration of magnesium, iron, and potassium that helps prevent high blood pressure, Anemia, and type 2 diabetes, and other heart diseases.

11. Reduces Cholesterol

Dark chocolate reduces cholesterol which is often termed as the “bad” one. The powerful antioxidants present in dark chocolate protect your body against oxidative damage. So, if you are having bad cholesterol, it’s advisable to include dark chocolate in your diet.

Wrapping Up

So, are you ready to make your taste buds delighted with the perfect “mood enhancer” dark chocolates and fall in love with their proven benefits? Relish the goodness of these chocolates and reap the above benefits!

Also, in addition to eating healthy and consuming dark chocolates, don’t forget to practice yoga regularly. All these three things will constitute healthy living and well-being.

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