Feeling Drowsy while Meditating? Here are the top 10 Tips to Liven up Your Practice

Meditation is a great way to de-stress your mind, relax, and let go of all the toxicity that has been disturbing you for so long. Drowsiness is a major hindrance in practicing meditation as sometimes, you often fell asleep. So, are you intrigued to know the top tips that will help you stay awake during your meditation practice?

There are many reasons why you feel sleepy while meditating such as having a full belly, meditating in or near the bed, lack of sleep or fatigue, or any illness or stress. So, in this article, we’ve shared the top 10 tips to stay awake while you meditate.

  1. Do Frequent and Short Meditation Sessions

If you’re a newbie, it’s always better to start with a short meditation session. A short and sweet meditation session at the best in the start, however, with time; you can gradually increase the duration of the sessions. It has been seen that people often fall asleep during a brief session if they are sitting for longer time durations. So, start with short and increase the needles of the clock gradually.

2. Stand or Walk while you Meditate

To stay alert during your meditation session, it’s better if you stand or walk while meditating. There are fewer chances of feeling drowsy when you are standing or walking. This in turn increases the blood circulation throughout your body and rewards your body with a nice stretch. You can even practice walking or standing meditation, however, don’t forget to synchronize your breath with your body.

3. Always Meditate away from Your Bed

Even just a quick view of your bed is sure to welcome sleep. Experiencing a bed in your vision triggers sleep, that’s the reason you always feel sleepy when you meditate close to your bed. So, if you want to meditate on it, scrounge for a place away from your bed. The place where you meditate doesn’t need to be fancy, just make sure it is clean and there are good vibes all around.

4. Ensure that you Get Enough Sleep and Rest

Meditation is a practice of wakefulness, you all know! So, if you consistently feel sleepy during your meditation sessions, it might happen that you are not getting enough sleep and rest. Change your sleeping patterns and take enough rest if you want to experience a smooth and mindful journey throughout. Keep in mind to take at least 7-9 hours of sound sleep at night.

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5. Use a Meditation Pillow or a Bench

Meditating on a bench or on a soft pillow is the best way to prevent drowsiness. Meditation benches are made of wood and are typically hard, making it difficult for you to sleep! Make your core a little tighter keeps you alert. There are various types of meditation benches, you can explore online and buy the perfect meditation bench and start practicing on that bench.

6. Stay hydrated

Water is a magical substance that keeps all health problems at bay. Dehydration is a silent killer that hinders the functioning of your body. Staying hydrated before and after your meditation session helps you remain alert, peaceful, and keep you in better spirits. If hydrating doesn’t make you feel good, then you can sprinkle some cold water on your cold water.

7. Meditate with Open Eyes

If you have been meditating by keeping your eyes closed, then try this mindful practice with open eyes as it will not make you feel drowsy. All you can do is choose a specific point where you need to focus at the time of meditating. You can practice certain open eyes meditation practices such as Sun Gazing, Moon Gazing, or candle meditation, etc.

8. Meditate when you’re most alert

Meditating at the time when you are sleepy is not worth it as it will not help you focus and concentrate and will rather make you drowsy. Well, there is no right time to meditate; however, it’s always advisable to meditate during that part of the day when you are naturally alert. Staying alert will increase your focus and intensify your concentration.

9. Choose Guided Meditation with an Audio

Guided meditation is one that is done with a teacher or a trained practitioner. In this case, what you can do is choose this kind of meditation online and turn on the audio so that you can stay awake. This tip will help you stay focused and concentrated. There are plenty of guided meditation sessions to choose from online.

10. Don’t Rush

If you’re struggling to stay awake during your meditation practice, there is no need to rush! You’ll not receive an Oscar award for staying awake in all the meditation sessions. If you’re feeling sleepy, it’s always better to give your body some rest. In the wake of time, you’ll learn gradually. However, don’t miss practicing meditation regularly, as it will help you develop a strong command over Meditation.


Getting sleepy at the time of practicing meditation is quite common. It means that it’s quite natural to feel a bit natural to feel a bit drowsy during your meditation time. So, follow the tips mentioned above and don’t let your sleep become a major hindrance to your meditation practice.

If you still feel sleepy during your meditation practice even after following the above tips mentioned above, then it’s advisable to have a word with your doctor as he will help you address the route concern.

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