Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is set out on the basis of which “Nueve Technologies” (A unit of Nueve Enterprises Pvt Ltd.) processes any personal information or data gathered from you when you visit the website ( The company reserves the right to change this policy from time to time. If you continue to avail of our services, then you need to adhere to the revised policies.

Hence, it’s advisable to keep yourself updated with the privacy policies by visiting our website on a regular basis.

For all the Visitors of Our Website

  • When you visit our website for availing any of our services which we are offering, we’ll collect your information depending upon your interaction with us. The data may include personal information such as name, photograph, e-mail id, phone number, address, age, voice, location, payment information, date of birth, medical conditions (if any), any conditions which require any special treatments, and personal preferences (such as any meal preference or any other thing) is a social website and might be linked to other websites as well. But, the company doesn’t have the authority to control the functioning of these websites.

  • The privacy policy declaration is only limited to and not to any of the third-party connected with us. The information provided on the third-party websites is their responsibility and we; retreatsforme is not responsible for any kind of conduct.
  • If you are a visitor of our website, you will never be asked for any irrelevant information which is not relevant to the working of the website. The clients would be asked their name, email address so that primary communication can be done and in case of bookings, information related to the preferred time and dates, course opted, and the type of accommodation will be asked.
  • The private information collected by the client is not rented, shared, or traded with any third party. However, the company reserves the right to share the information which you have shared regarding your preferences with our vendors.
  • Also, the basic information provided by the client will be used by our management for some marketing and feedback purposes. However, if the client wishes, he/she can opt out of such approaches.
  • The usage of cookies is not undertaken by The company does track the time of login, IP address, date, browser, and language. However, all this information is collected by the clients to resolve any of the database issues and is no way used in tracking the personal information of the clients.
  • The information collected by way of IP address, operating system, and browsing software will be used to upgrade the browser speed, solve IT issues, and for the management of the database.
  • All the information collected by will be accessible by the clients so that any updates or corrections can be made.

Client Information

  • In case of any bookings with us, the clients will be asked to fill a detailed application form that will be relevant to the course opted or any stay, if any. The information provided by the client will be secured and will only be accessible to the staff and services providers of Retreats for Me.
  • The information gathered by the company will not be disclosed to any third party without the consent and knowledge of the clients.
  • The information of the client will be used for marketing and feedback purposes.
  • If the client needs to be contacted or not, is a mere decision of the client. If you don’t want to receive any calls and messages in the future, then the company gives you the option to opt-out.  
  • If in any case, the client wants to correct and edit the provided information provided in the past, then he/she has the right to do so. By contacting the support staff of retreatsforme, the client may proceed further with the changes.


  • The company will not be responsible for any fault conducted by the client. Some of the instances can be sharing a computer with some other person, leaving the browser open, or using a computer in a public place.
  • Our hard-working staff is working on solving and answering the queries of the client in a rigorous manner. So, if a client has some requests for editing or correcting any information, this request will be taken care of as soon as possible. In this case, the company requests the client to be patient.
  • As you all know that nowadays, the internet is exposed to multiple risks and damages either by hacking or some unauthorized access, in this case, stability cannot be guaranteed. In such cases, Retreats for Me will not be held responsible for any loss of information, misuse of personal information, or theft. However, if a client notices such kind of risk and brings it to the notice of the company, then strict action will be taken by the company.
  • The intrinsic nature of the time cannot be reversed. Similarly, if the company will go for any merger, acquisition, sale, or dissolution of personal assets, the client’s information which is of great value for the company will be shared, transferred, or given away.
  • The privacy policy laid down by Retreats for Me is the company’s property. The company reserves the right to amend, delete, or add any rule to its privacy policy. So, a client needs to stay updated with the privacy policy. Most importantly, when they are planning to make any further communication or further plans to stay with the company.
  • In case of any big change, the company would inform the clients regarding the same.