13 Ways to Make More Money As A Yoga Teacher

“How to make more money as a yoga teacher?” is one of the most common questions and yet challenging to answer. You became a yoga teacher because you love it and want to improve the health of the people mentally, physically, and spiritually. Isn’t it? You chose this profession because it was something you did in your daily routine which made you realize that becoming a yoga teacher is your call!


If you are teaching yoga to earn a living, you need to make more money, as you all might be aware that a healthy income gives you a healthy lifestyle. So, in this article, we’ve shared the top 5 ways with the help of which yoga teachers and instructors can make more money online. So, have a look and grow your income 2X and build a booming yoga business.

We have classified income opportunities of yoga teachers on the basis of three levels i.e. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level.

  • Beginner-Level Income Opportunities

The beginner-level income opportunities are best suited for the new yoga teachers who have completed the 200 hours yoga teacher training course. These income opportunities carry very little risk and can be started immediately.

Pre-requisites: 200 Hour Yoga Certification + a strong desire to make yoga your career

  1. Start Teaching at nearby schools or colleges and earn beyond the set boundaries
  2. Take corporate group yoga classes
  3. Go private and offer private yoga sessions
  4. Build yoga podcasts
  5. Go global and take classes worldwide 
  • Intermediate-Level Income Opportunities

The intermediate-level income opportunities are perfect for the yoga teachers who have completed 300 hours of yoga teacher training course.

Pre-Requisites: 300-hours of yoga certification along with some work experience

  1. Host a yoga retreat
  2. Offer workshops at yoga studios
  3. Organize a wellness program at the corporate
  4. Create your own website for yoga and meditation classes
  5. Create a YouTube Channel and earn more
  • Advanced-Level Income Opportunities

The Advanced-level income opportunities are ideal for the yoga teachers who have completed a 500-hours yoga teacher training course (200 Hrs + 300 Hrs) and who are eager to take their yoga practice to the next level.

Pre-Requisites: 500-Hours of yoga certification, 3 years of work experience in teaching or running your business, and moreover, an online yoga community

  1. Start your own Yoga studio
  2. Become an entrepreneur
  3. Create an online Yoga community

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