Kundalini Yoga – Benefits and Yoga Poses for the Beginners!

Kundalini Yoga is a form of yoga that involves breathing exercises, chanting, and performing some repetitive yoga poses. Focusing on your breath and harnessing the energy that lies within you is the best thing that sets Kundalini yoga apart from the other types of yoga practices. Through meditation and chanting, this type of yoga enhances your stillness and promotes self-awareness.

The sole purpose of this type of yoga is to activate your energy i.e. Shakti. According to certain studies, energy rests like a coiled serpent at the base of your spine. The coiled snake sits at the base of your spine, sleeping and not arousable. Kundalini yoga is practiced to activate this energy that allows you to move chakras alongside your spine.

As this awakens your energy, it’s sure to help you move ahead in life, leaving your past behind. You can understand it as a form of yoga that awakens you! When you practice this form regularly, it contributes to your spiritual wellness and helps you balance the chakras.

What are the Six Main Components?

Kundalini Yoga consists of six components. Have a Look!

1. Opening Chant

It begins with an opening chant that tunes up your breath and makes you ready to perform this practice with great ease.

2. Pranayama Practice

In this component, several Pranayama practices have been included to make you learn how to synchronize your breath with your body. Several breathing exercises are performed in the second step.

3. Kriya

Kriya is the third main component. Well, Kriya is a sequence of several postures, Pranayama, mudras, and meditation. The duration of this component depends upon your yoga teacher.

4. Relaxation

Relaxation is an emotional state of a living being or low tension. During this technique, your body and mind absorb the effects of Kriya.

5. Meditation

In this component, your yoga teacher will guide you about the meditation practice so that you can easily enhance your self-awareness.

6. Closing Chant

Closing chant is the last component that is practiced at the end of the online yoga class.

What are the Benefits?

This form of yoga is perfectly loaded with a lot of benefits. Have a Look if you want to reap the benefits.

  1. It strengthens your Nervous system.
  2. It awakens your inner willpower.
  3. It clears the blurriness in your mind and helps you untangle the cobweb of thoughts.
  4. It boosts your inner creativity.
  5. It opens your heart.
  6. It makes you forgiving, compassionate, and non-judgmental.
  7. It calms your mind and soothes your soul.
  8. It fills you up with positivity.

What are the Best Kundalini Yoga Poses for Beginners?

If you are really interested in reaping the benefits, then what you can do is start with the best beginner-friendly poses.

1. Lotus Pose i.e. Padmasana

The Lotus Pose or Padmasana is one of the seated poses that open up your hip muscles. If you are a beginner, starting with this pose is a smart move. As you have read that this pose opens up your hip, so it might be cumbersome if you have tightness in that area.

2. Cobra Pose i.e. Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana is a perfect pose that activates your Kundalini energy and increases your self-awareness. It is an energizing backbend and an essential posture that increases the flexibility of your back. It awakens your chakras and fosters self-awareness.

3. Spinal Flexes i.e. Seated Cat-Cow Pose

You are only as young as your spine is flexible. If you have a stiff spine, it can disrupt the flow of blood throughout your body, stimulates your aging process, and hinders your digestion. So, if you don’t want to face these consequences, try practicing the spinal flexes as it will help you get a healthy spine.


Kundalini Yoga is the most spiritual form of yoga. Where other types of yoga focus entirely on your breath and alignment, this form of spiritual yoga is a great combination of chanting, singing, movements, Pranayama, Kriya, and meditation. The main purpose is to enhance spiritual enlightenment. If you really want to reap the benefits, you can start now!

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