The Importance of Health and Wellness in Today’s Life

As human beings, you all must have something in common, but the two fundamental things you all share are that you all want to experience happiness and success. Well, the only key to achieving this is “Health” and “Wellness.”For some people, wellness means how fit and healthy you are. For others, it means a state of being connected and valued. It is much more than just the absence of chronic illness and diseases.

Experiencing great health and overall well-being is the main goal that almost everyone wants to achieve. Living a healthy life not only makes you feel good but it also rewards you with a high quality of life. Well-being is your approach to life to take a conscious decision to live your life to the fullest. Health and wellness is not something that you achieve and delete from the list, however, it is a life-long journey!

Maintaining excellent health has a beneficial impact on almost every area of your life. Fitness may be achieved in a variety of ways that includes consuming healthy and lean meals, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Spending a little time practicing Yoga and Meditation can also help you become a healthier version of yourself and solve the problem of obesity.

What are the 6 Pillars of Wellness?

So, let’s learn about each pillar of wellness and calculate your score.

  1. Physical

What comes to your mind when someone says, “Physical Wellness?” Doing regular YOGA or any other physical exercise is an important part of well-being that you can’t take your eyes off. However, it’s not the only aspect. Physical well-being includes proper 7-8 hours of sleep, proper hygiene, and a healthy diet.

Strengthen this pillar with the top tips:

  • Avoid seeing screens of your phone 30 minutes prior to going for sleep.
  • Switch off the unnecessary lights and sounds as they might hinder your sleep.
  • Try to do Yoga before going to bed.

2. Nutrition  

It is another pillar of wellness. Taking a balanced diet requires you to consume nutritional foods that feed and nourish your mind, body, and soul. It is recommended to fill half of your plates with fresh fruits and vegetables and the other half to be dedicated to whole grains, including an ideal amount of proteins.

Strengthen this pillar with the top tips:

  • Consume a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. Decorate your plate with fresh and exotic fruits such as blueberries, apples, raspberries, Kiwi, Papaya, and many more.
  • Don’t forget to pay attention to your portion sizes keeping in mind your weight.
  • Take enough fiber so that you don’t encounter the problem of constipation.

3. Emotional

It involves developing an awareness of how you feel and how you respond to everyday interactions. This feeling allows you to better understand yourself. Life is just like a rollercoaster i.e. full of ups and downs. Hence, it’s important to understand the process, manage your emotional feelings so that you can experience a wonderful journey.

Strengthen this pillar with the top tips:

  • Create a list of your supporters and loving ones whom you can call in case of an emotional breakdown.
  • Seek out the help of a therapist as only a third party can help you navigate easily through difficult situations.
  • Always measure your progress and set goals.

4. Social

It is all about fostering healthy relationships. Social relationships are useful as these support systems help you easily face the struggles that life throws at you. In case of any stress, taking help from your support system will reward you with extreme happiness. Developing new networks takes time and effort, however in the end it’s always worth the spent time and effort.

Strengthen this pillar with the top tips:

  • Meet new people and broaden your network.
  • Connect with your loved ones each week and develop stronger relations.
  • Write emails or loving messages to your loved ones and show how much you care for them.

5. Spiritual

The meaning of spirituality differs among people. Maintaining spiritual well-being looks different for everyone. It’s not about following a specific religion and going to temples and churches. Many people cultivate spirituality via meditation, prayers, or other activities.

Strengthen this pillar with the top tips:

  • Dedicate a small amount of time to meditation and make it a priority.
  • Write something regularly about your feelings and don’t forget the goals you have set.
  • Choose the top 3 values in your life and don’t forget to value them.

6. Financial

Becoming financially strong is a strong pillar of wellness. Plan your future and take the steps accordingly and become financially independent. If you’re a spendthrift, then it’s advisable to take small steps and save money and lessen the burden in your life.

Strengthen this pillar with the top tips:

  • Create a budget at the beginning of the month.
  • Pay all the credit card bills on time and increase your CRED score.
  • Save a small amount of money from your salary for non-essential purposes such as going on a holiday or a yoga retreat.

Are you ready to build up the Pillars of Holistic Health and Wellness?

The definition of wellness is different for everyone. If you are well, you can easily achieve your personal goals. When your mind, body, and soul will be happy, you’ll be able to pursue your set goals easily. Well, assess the above pillars and get to know where you stand on the wellness curve. Don’t worry if your wellness score is less, follow the tips mentioned at the end of each pillar and stay ahead of the curve. Health and Wellness provide a great foundation to live life to its full extent.