How Yoga Helps you Overcome Depression 

According to World Health Organization (WHO), more than 300 million people of all ages fall prey to Depression globally. Depression is not something to be ashamed of! 

Imagine a day when you wake up in the morning and feel that you cannot do anything; the world is nothing, you are experiencing despair and disappointments. You think that you cannot do anything and are trapped in a vicious circle of negativity. 

The complexity of being hopeless will inhibit your personality and make you feel isolated. If you are facing this situation often, then this is a sign of Depression. Feeling stuck in the cage of hopelessness makes life hard. Depression makes your life hard as it makes you feel worthless and feel as if you have no future and success is not reachable! 

Fortunately, Yoga is a ray of light that will take you out from the dark tunnel of Depression and despair. 

Well, understand Yoga is the best way to extinguish the fire of stress and Depression. It is one of the excellent ways to brighten up your mood and keep Depression at bay! Yoga Poses facilitate blood circulation to the brain and ease the production of happy and mood-elevating hormones. 

What is Depression? 

Depression is an illness that affects your brain. It's your reaction to something sad, sadness, or fear of not being good enough. You know you are depressed when you display the following symptoms consistently after two or three weeks. 

Symptoms of Depression:

  • Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed 
  • Fluctuations in appetite - either weight loss or unexpected weight gain
  • Trouble sleeping or Insomnia 
  • Drained energy or increased fatigue 
  • Feeling worthless or guilty
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Suicidal Thoughts 
  • Feeling sad 
  • Decreased concentration and Focus 

Yoga and Depression 

Depression is getting from one end towards the other; either you're so ecstatic or morose that you always doubt that the world has different colors. Depression and Panic attacks hit you hard at your work, at a family gathering, inside a car, inside a shopping mall, or even with your loved ones. 

Some days are better; however, some make you lost in the solitude you've battling inside. So, if you are feeling the same, then it's time to commence the treatment! Let it all out for your own sake. Are you scared to visit a doctor? The perfect answer you're looking for is Yoga. 

Yoga indeed helps fight Depression. Let's Find out How? 

Yoga is a physical exercise that involves different Yoga asanas, soothing breathing techniques, meditation, and pranayama. Many people practice Yoga to manage:

  • Mental and emotional-draining activities such as anxiety, Depression, and stress
  • Maintain overall health and well-being
  • Long-term lower back pain 

You can find yoga classes at fitness institutes, Yoga institutes. Also, online Yoga classes are a great way to stay safe during the pandemic while maintaining your overall health and overcoming Depression. 

Below are some of the effective Yoga postures you can perform to combat the problem. 

Tip* Consistency is the only key! 

Here're some of the few Yoga Poses to Fight Depression. 

  1. Setu Bandhasana, i.e., Bridge Pose 

It strengthens the muscles of your back and relieves the lower back pain. It can do wonders if someone is suffering from Anxiety, Depression, and stress. It opens up your heart, makes your heart feel lighter, and stimulates your Thyroid glands. 

2. Halasana, i.e., Plow Pose 

Halasana reduces the strain on your neck and back and rewards you with a better posture. It calms your brain, gives your back a good stretch, and keeps stress, anxiety, and the problem of Insomnia at bay.

A Gentle Reminder* Keep the practice consistent if you want to reap fruitful results! 

3. Balasana, i.e., Child Pose 

It is a profoundly relaxing pose as it calms your nervous system, reduces stress and anxiety. It is the most refreshing and comforting yoga posture. The sense of being rested on mother Earth provides great emotional support when you feel anxious and depressed. 

4. Uttanasana, i.e., Standing Forward Fold Pose. 

This yoga pose is a wonder that relieves tension in your shoulders, back, and neck while improving blood circulation throughout the body. Practicing this pose can make you feel calm and relaxed. 

5. Salamba Sarvangasana, i.e., Shoulder Stand Pose 

A shoulder stand is another excellent Yoga pose for relieving stress and anxiety. Like the downward-facing dog pose, the shoulder stand increases blood flow throughout the brain, thereby increasing your mental awareness and balancing your emotions. 

*A Note to Remember – Don't forget to perform this pose if you face neck or shoulder problems and high blood pressure. 

Final Words 

In addition to the Yoga postures mentioned above, countless other poses are sure to have incredible benefits on your mental health. Hence, if you grapple with mental health issues, we, Retreats for Me, recommend you to start practicing the above Yoga Asanas as early as possible. 

Not only the practice of Yoga makes you feel fantastic, but the sense of Yoga community that you meet during the online yoga classes is sure to provide you with the social support that will make you feel better and worth it! 

We wish you all the best on your healing journey!