Grievance Policy – Overview & Details


A grievance or complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction. It can be either written or oral. There is a fine line of difference between the two i.e. the complaint and the grievance.

A complaint is a general expression of dissatisfaction with a particular situation or behavior of a person. It can be regarding the delivery of the service, quality of a service, a policy or a procedure etc.

A Grievance is a more specific and serious feeling that is a result of any hardship suffered or any alleged wrong action.  For example, discrimination, sexual harassment, racism, impartial behavior, religious differences etc.

Retreats for Me follows the same procedure at the time of dealing with a complaint or a grievance. We recognize that the expression of complaint is a major part of a customer feedback. All complaints and grievances are dealt with confidence.

Reporting of Policy Violations

We encourage anyone who has been the topic of sexual harassment or misconduct or the other action that violates the institute’s policies and Code of Conduct to report the incident to our committee, Human Resources department, or faculty management. The report should contain the subsequent information such as:

• Your full name;
• Your email and phone number;
• The name of the person against whom the complaint is to be made
• A description of the alleged policy violation;
• The date and placement of the policy violation;
• Names and phone info of any witnesses with first-hand data of the situation; and,
• Any alternative credible proof that's accessible to support the grievance.

In the interest of fairness and privacy, all reports should be created by the one that has in-person intimate the misconduct. If needed, we tend to might request further info from the person reportage the incident throughout the course of the review of the report.

We, Retreats for me will take acceptable action to make sure compliance with our policies. Any information provided throughout a grievance report review is treated on a confidential basis. Similarly, any actions that will be taken in response to the report will be kept confidential.

If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, then you need to outline the specific reasons for your dissatisfaction via letter.