What is Face Yoga - Plus the Top Face Yoga Exercises to Practice at Home!

“Beauty of the face lies in the smile you wear!” You might have heard this statement many times but do you smile frequently? In the ongoing quest to look beautiful and crave inner peace, everyone is scrounging for a natural and economical option that will help them look beautiful and give them inner peace. It is no doubt that regular exercise keeps you fit and healthy. But can face yoga reward you with glowing skin?

Well, facial yoga is a growing trend that professes to deliver glowing skin without any surgeries, expensive skin-care products, and painful needles. In the wake of Covid-19, it’s always advisable to stay home, ditch the usual facials and procedures, and start practicing face yoga for glowing skin.

Now, what is Face Yoga?

This type of yoga doesn’t involve lying on the mat and practicing Shavasana or Matsyasana, rather it involves a set of facial exercises that tones up your facial muscles, lift up the saggy wrinkles, and rewards you with radiating skin. The main aim is to create a moment that “you care for yourself” and in addition, it improves the overall blood circulation, reduces the stress and tension that reflect on your face, and makes it dull.

What are the Benefits?

Find out how facial exercise helps you look young and explore other astonishing benefits:

  • It costs nothing! All it requires only a couple of minutes throughout the day. Don’t spare your time and money undergoing expensive beauty treatments, shopping for radiant creams. So, if you want glowing skin, it is advisable to give face yoga a try.
  • It slows down the aging process! The more you become stressed, the more wrinkles will come over your face. Try this form of yoga and you’ll be surprised how it slows down the aging process and rewards you with glowing skin.
  • It tones the muscles of your Face and Neck! Needless to say, facial exercise tones your face and tightens your muscles. These exercises help you draw blood, oxygen, and increase the flow of circulation in your face that gives you a “youthful glow.”
  • It helps you bid goodbye to Double Chin! No more Double Chin! Yes, you heard it right. Face Yoga eliminates double chin and rewards you with an appealing jawline. Neck and face exercise is a beauty secret that is believed to promote youthfulness.
  • It boosts your self-esteem and Confidence! It is true that when you look better, you feel better. Start with this exercise and see the astonishing results in some time. Intrigued to know the poses and ready to practice?

What are the Top Face Yoga Exercises to Practice at Home?

Get ready and perform these simple and effective facial exercises! Get Ready and Go!

  • Chant “OM” with a smile

Chanting “OM” not only calms your mind but also tones your facial muscles. Close your eyes sit down in a comfortable position and visualize the point between your eyebrows. This pose gives you radiating skin and helps offset those wrinkles that serve as a great hindrance to your beauty.

  • Go Cheeky and Puff your cheeks

Puffing cheeks with air is the best exercise to tone up your facial muscles. All you need to do is take a deep breath and puff it fully in your mouth. Hold your breath for about 10 seconds and release the air. Also, you can blow the balloons as it is also the best facial exercise that you can practice.

  • Pout and Make a Fish Face

Suck the insides of your cheeks and make a fish face, the same way a fish does. Hold for a few seconds while keeping your eyes open. If your eyes are watery, then you can relax and release the pose. Practice this daily and see the results.

  • Lift Up your Eyebrows

In this exercise, you need to lift up your eyebrows from the center towards the end. This facial exercise relaxes your mind and alleviates all the stress from your eyebrow area. So, if you some tension in your mind, you can perform this exercise for 5-6 minutes daily.  

  • Kiss and Smile

Push your lips as much as you can, the same way you kiss someone and then smile broadly. This exercise works on your chin and cheeks simultaneously. Do 15-20 repetitions and experience an attractive jawline and toned cheeks.

  • Chin Exercise

Is the double chin making you lose self-confidence? Move your chin upwards with the help of your thumb. Do this for 2 to 3 minutes daily for better results. This technique will help you get rid of your double chin. Regular chin exercise can also result in a well-defined and attractive jawline.

To Sum Up

A toned and smiling face helps you ace up your beauty game. These simple facial exercises can be done at any time of the day and anywhere. Regular exercise will not only tone your facial muscles but will also boost your confidence. These exercises serve as a cherry on the top if you practice them prior to going to an interview.

Start performing these exercises if you want glowing skin!

Don’t forget to share your experiences in the comment box given below!