The Best Confidence Tips for New Yoga Teachers

Have you completed 200 hours yoga teacher training course? Well, 200 hours YTTC is the first step that you need to complete if you want to become a yoga teacher and make yoga your career. This course helps you get registered with Yoga Alliance USA and become internationally recognized. With this yoga certification, you can teach anywhere around the globe! Isn’t it amazing? 200-hour YTTC paves a smooth way for becoming a yoga teacher.

Being a new yoga teacher can be a little stressful as you need to deal with aspiring students who are eager to learn the beautiful art of yoga. Also, you will get a chance to work in a variety of environments such as schools, colleges, and even in the corporate sector. This, in turn, will give you a chance to meet a lot of wonderful people which otherwise you might not have met.

During this new journey, it might happen that you start doubting yourself and you might think that the confidence you have built upon suddenly vanished. However, there is no need to worry!

Below are some of the tried and tested tips that will help you amp up your confidence level as a new yoga teacher.

  • Start Teaching Right Away after Completing 200 Hours YTTC

Once you’ve finished your training, it’s better to start teaching as it will help you gain work experience and will deepen your yoga practice. You might have heard this statement, “the more the years of work experience, the more deepen will be the practice.” Post becoming a yoga teacher, it’s your wish where and in which mode you want to take classes. Take the class either in a park or in a hall, totally your wish!

  • Make a Plan and start looking for teaching jobs

Post gaining yoga certification, your friends and family might ask you to give free classes. So, don’t deny them as they are the best opportunities to hone up your yoga skills and become more proficient. Also, side by side you can start building your network with the yoga teachers so that you can also get your name in the world of yoga.

  • Practice self-study

Turning your attention to self-study is the best tip to build confidence as a yoga teacher. Practicing at home is a mandatory step that you need to follow during your 200-hours yoga teacher training. This way, you can learn and conduct innovative classes for your students. The truth is spending time alone on your yoga mat increases your knowledge which you might not get in the books!

  • Prepare, Prepare and Prepare

Don’t forget to prepare your notes during your yoga teacher training course as these notes act as a safety net in case something happens at the time of teaching. Having notes along with you indicates that you are dedicated, intelligent and you care! Never be embarrassed to carry your notes at the time of teaching yoga to your students.

  • Continue to study

After completing your 200 hours yoga teacher training course, gain some work experience as a yoga teacher, and side by side, enroll yourself in a 300 hours YTTC as it will help you maintain your passion for yoga. Well, follow the above 5 confidence tips to realize that you hold great potential to do something big in your lives.

To Wrap Up

A Yoga teacher is the best profession as the yoga industry is on the boom. So, get yourself enrolled in 300 hours YTTC if you have completed 200 hours and deepen your yoga practice and gain international recognition by getting registered with Yoga Alliance USA.

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