Attendance Policy

Our yoga teacher training program expects every applicant to be punctual in the yoga class and in the breaks as well. Punctuality is a sign of professionalism and helps you stand above the crowd.

Our online yoga teacher training courses are affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA and to meet the Yoga Alliance minimum training standards, the applicants are required to be regular in the yoga class and complete all the given assignments ahead of time. Completing the assignments on time and regularly attending the yoga class will help you stay ahead of the curve and provide you with a bright career ahead.  

The institute will not entertain any late arrivals or partial participation in the class. It is true that there are unforeseen events and unexpected situations, in which nobody has control. In these cases, if you fail to attend the class, you need to cope up with the missed classes and learn the content that has been taught. You can also schedule private sessions with the lead trainer or the class facilitator.

Please note that the private sessions will be limited and their availability is not guaranteed, and moreover, the private sessions are not free and will cost some money. So, it’s better to be on time and not to miss any yoga sessions so that the entire yoga teacher training program can be completed with great ease and perfection.

We, at Retreats for Me, expect our students to be punctual if they want to leap ahead of the curve.