Anti-Retaliation Policy – Overview & Details

Retaliation means taking any adverse action by the employer against any person for protection for reporting any kind of harassment, misconduct, or any violations in the code of conduct. Retreats for Me is committed to maintaining an environment that is free from any kind of sexual harassments, intimidations, or sexual misconduct for engaging in protected activities such as reporting any cases of harassment or participating in any kind of investigation related to the violations of the code of conduct, any policies, or procedures.

Retreats for Me shield anyone from retaliation who engages in a protected activity. Retaliation occurs when an employer takes adverse action against an employee because he/she is engaged in a protected activity.

Every employee has the right to communicate problems, suggestions, or issues. We, at Retreats for Me, keep all the complaints confidential and try to make the investigation as disruptive as possible.

Accepting this invoice after signing up on the website means you agree and gave your full consent on the policies and procedures, legal terms and conditions, and code of conduct laid down by the Institute i.e. Retreats for Me.

So, it’s advisable to read all the terms and conditions with utmost care because after accepting the invoice, the institute will not be liable for any kind of loss!