Anti-Harassment Policy – Overview & Details


Harassment is a legal term that means an illegal behavior towards a person that causes mental, physical, and emotional suffering. Unwanted behavior includes physical gestured, facial expressions, tweets or comments on social media, and many more.

Sexual harassment

Itis an unsolicited sexual advance and uninvited request for sexual favors that makes a person feel offended, intimidated or humiliated.

Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct is misconduct of a sexual nature that is committed by force or intimidation and is often unwelcome.


Retreats for Me does not permit managers, teachers, students, or other persons working in the workplace to harass any other person because of certain factors such as age, gender, race, culture, nationality, religion, status, or any other basis  prescribed in the books of law.


Retreats for Me don’t tolerate sexual harassment at the studio. Sexual harassment includes many things such as:

  • Sexual comments
  • Whistling at someone
  • Catcalls
  • Unwanted pressure for dates
  • Unwanted sexual teasing, jokes, questions, or any remarks
  • Unwanted telephone calls, messages, or any other things of sexual nature
  • Unwanted pressure for sexual favors
  • Presence of sexual visual materials or any other pornographic content such as cartoons, drawings, calendars, posters, pictures, of sexual nature
  • Lies about someone else’s personal life
  • Grabbing or pinching one’s body

We prohibit sexual misconduct in our institute. Teachers shall avoid getting into personal or sexual relationships with students that may result in hindering the integrity of their teaching.