85-Hours Pre and Postnatal Yoga Course to Experience a Normal Delivery 

Ever wondered what happens to the female body during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Do you often wonder how to teach Yoga postures safely and breathing techniques to expectant mothers? 

Whether you want to teach it or not, the 85-hours Pre and Postnatal Yoga course offer fascinating learning on the changes inside the female body during the most touching phase of physical transformation. 

Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful passages in a woman's life that prepare her for the timeless challenges and the priceless gift of becoming a mother. Through Yoga and Meditation, a pregnant woman learns to listen and trust her body. Also, it fosters authenticity and improves the connectedness with the life growing inside her body. 

Any person who wants to dive deeper into prenatal knowledge and learn the skills of teaching pre and postnatal Yoga are invited to take this 85-hours pre and postnatal training. After completing this 85-hours prenatal Yoga course, you'll gain knowledge on the following aspects such as:

  • An overall feeling of confidence to teach Prenatal Yoga. 
  • How to create a safe and sequential prenatal class. 
  • Introduction of Pregnancy Yoga and its importance.
  • Understanding of Menstrual Cycle and its importance. 
  • Infertility leading cause for both Male and females.
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Pelvic Floor and Childbirth. 
  • Breathing techniques to keep the oxygen levels right.
  • Discussion on Three Trimesters and optimizing wellness. 
  • Yoga Practice on the Three Trimesters
  • Garbhsanskar
  • Diet and Nutrition

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Course? 

  • Basic Knowledge about Yoga Asanas 

The 85-hours prenatal Yoga course is designed for all people who have profound knowledge about yoga asanas, techniques, and movements. Also, having some years of experience teaching will be a cherry on the cake! 

  • 200-Hours Training Certificate or a Bachelor's Degree

To become a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT), it's essential to have either a 200-hours teacher training certificate or a Bachelor's degree. It's certainly recommended to have a previous practice of the Yoga asanas or postures so that the course content flows with more ease and understanding. 

  • Passion and Inspiration 

You must have the passion and inspiration to create a community of like-minded women interested in supporting and guiding new mothers or moms-to-be safely through the religious practice of Yoga. 

Join 85-Hours Prenatal and Postnatal Course and Give Mom and Baby the Gift of Mind-Body Balance!

The online 85-hours Prenatal and postnatal yoga course offers a balanced mix of theory and practical curriculum and provides you with valuable tools and knowledge to teach Yoga to pregnant women with utmost safety and confidence. Isn't it a great way to support moms-to-be through the magical and priceless experience of bringing a new life into this beautiful world? 

Our prenatal yoga program prepares you to teach safe, creative, fun, and inspiring classes. Start now and confidently modify postures and sequences for mamas in every trimester of pregnancy. It exceeds the Yoga Alliance requirement of 85 training hours to provide the safest, creative, and supportive prenatal yoga classes to everyone who wants to build their career in Yoga.