7 Powerful Yoga Poses for Muscle Building

Are you looking forward to building strong muscles, but are you tired of hitting the gym? Unlike the gym, yoga doesn’t require you to lift weights to build your body. In Yoga, you need to lift your body instead of lifting dumbbells. Some yoga postures can break your muscle fibers by creating tension in them, thereby rewarding you with stronger ones.

Interested and willing to try something new? It’s time to give heavyweights a break so that you can walk on the yogic pathway without any hitch. Just a daily practice of yoga is enough to make you get a toned body, bring flexibility, and improve your cardiovascular health. Many yoga poses will help you build your dream body, and here are 7 of them. Have a Look!

  1. Chaturanga Dandasana

Muscles Targeted: Four-limbed staff pose is practiced to strengthen your arms, wrists, shoulders, and is the best exercise for building triceps. Don’t forget that it also requires equal participation of the core and thigh muscles.

Why Practice it: If you’re a beginner, you can perform this to strengthen your shoulders. On the other hand, experienced yogis can try to perform Chaturanga push-ups. They are challenging as they award you with amazing triceps.

2. Adho Mukha Savasana

Muscles Targeted: Downward-Facing dog is one of the widely recognized yoga poses that work to strengthen the core and improve overall blood circulation. It not only strengthens your arms and legs but also works on your core and shoulders, and it even stretches your hamstrings.

Why Practice it: Adho Mukha Savasana is the most distinctive and the best yoga pose. It’s simple and quite challenging once you start feeling the burn in your arms and legs. Practice this asana regularly if you want to build a sculpted body.  

3. Phalakasana

Muscles Targeted: It is one of the simplest yet effective asanas for strengthening the core. It tones up your abdominal muscles and in addition, it also works on the chest, arms, pectoral muscles, glutes, and front of the legs.

Why Practice it: It is no wonder that all the advanced yogis who have been practicing yoga for years always include this pose in their workouts so that get a sculpted and toned body.

4. Purvottanasana

Muscles Targeted: Upward plank pose is the best one to stretch your chest, shoulders, biceps, and ankles. It is an excellent counter pose for a four-limbed staff pose that strengthens your core.

Why Practice it: Just like Phalakasana, Purvottanasana doesn’t target a single muscle, rather it is a compound exercise that targets various muscles.

5. Utkatasana

Muscles Targeted: It is a modern version of squats that strengthen your back and spinal column. Also, it tones your thighs and calves. It balances your mind and brings determination to your mind.

Why Practice it: This asana is the best for strengthening your glutes. A lot of athletes and advanced yogis consider Utkatasana as the best alternative for weighted squats.

6. Shalabhasana

Muscles Targeted: The locust pose works on your glutes and spinal column and also works on increasing the strength of your arms and legs.

Why Practice it: The Locust pose is the best yoga workout for sculpted body. It is one of the simplest asanas that you can simply do. If practiced regularly, it can end up the stress accumulated in your lower back and spine.

7. Virabhadrasana II

Muscles Targeted: This posture is understood to strengthen the legs and ankles especially, however it mainly wants to build focus, balance, and stability.

Why Practice it:  The warrior pose is a balancing pose and is one of the best and simplest yoga poses to create stamina and balance.

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