5 Yoga Poses to Spark your Inner Power

Are you aware that yoga postures have the power to influence your mind and well-being? Yoga is not only a beautiful way to get your body moving; it’s also a fantastic way to activate your internal energies, shift your negative thoughts with positive ones, and ignite your inner power. Power Yoga poses have the power to influence a person’s feelings that might pop up during stressful and nervous situations such as interviews, public speaking, or any other test series.

Various yoga poses are all-embracing and invite you so that you can physically open up yourself in a show. It also makes you confident and unafraid. You might have heard this statement that” Don’t fake it until you make it!” Hence, if you want to ignite your inner power, you can follow a sequence of 5 yoga poses we’ve shared below.

Try to practice these poses before a stressful situation and before an interview as they alter the way you perceive yourself and make you feel more empowered.

Now, Get on Your Mat! No Excuses!

  1. Lord of the Dance Pose i.e. Natrajasana

Natrajasana is named after Lord Shiva. In this balancing pose, you use your body’s resistance to open up your shoulders, back, and quads while keeping yourself determined and focused on the target ahead. After all, what’s better than dancing your way to whatever the goals and dreams that you set and have seen so far! Vanish your demons of nervousness and melodrama this season and get ready to celebrate your groovy moves!

2. Warrior II Pose i.e. Virabhadrasana II

All the warrior poses are powerful, so you can choose either of them! It rewards you with subtle strength and the fierceness of your arms. It is the best way to show the world that “Don’t mess with me!” While holding this posture, think about your intentions and your goals to physically bring them to your existence. Stay focused on weaving your dreams! You got this!

3. Tree Pose i.e. Vrikshasana

Tree posture is peaceful and powerful! Sometimes, it’s hard to scrounge for balance in your life. All the demands and expectations pile up and stress starts to take negatively affect your overall health. Fortunately, the tree pose helps you restore harmony and puts your mind in a state of calm. So, stand straight like a tree and endure whatever life throws at you gracefully!

4. Goddess Pose i.e. Utkata Konasana

This pose is powerful just like a Goddess! You need to have a strong will and stamina to maintain this posture. It ignites your inner power and prepares you to handle every situation that comes in your life, be it good or bad. This pose is also known as “yogic squat.” It builds your core stability and is a great hip opener. So, pose now with a smile!

5. Upward Salute i.e. Urdhva Hastasana

It is a traditional part of sun salutations that you practice in the very beginning. It is a simple, yet powerful posture! Raising your arms is a beautiful pose that you can perform easily without being conscious about it. Take some time and practice this yoga asana and show an exuberant and confident side of yourself to the entire world.

Wrapping Up

There you go! 5 Best yoga postures to ignite your inner self and become confident! Have a look and practice these asanas regularly to reap fruitful results. Every yoga class that you take is a fun ride! Don’t forget to take a step towards your mat and unleash the potential that lies within you.

Reclaim the joy of waking up every day and stay excited about the day!

You go, Goddess!