5 Yoga Poses to Practice in Bed Before You Sleep

Suffering from insomnia? Well, let’s be honest! You are not alone. Certain studies show that most people have a sleeping disorder or suffer from sleep deprivation. Amidst the most common causes of insomnia, anxiety, stress, and depression top the list. Once you make yoga a part of your daily life, it can help you de-stress yourself, calm down, and bolster your mood so that you can experience a sound sleep.

Instead of letting your negative thoughts take a toll on your health, try these 7 best yoga postures. You can practice these yoga postures in bed as they will help you experience sound sleep.

  1. Legs up the Wall Pose

This yoga asana will burst the balloons of tension that is building up in your mind and spine. Performing this will exaggerate the curve of your spine and make it healthy. This pose is magic if you are suffering from legs pain as it lowers your blood pressure and improves the overall flow of blood in your body.

2. Reclined Spinal Twist

Reclined spinal twist is the best pose as it increases the flexibility in your spine and calms your nervous system that in turn induces sleep and stimulates digestion. It opens up and stretches your shoulders and tells you about the correct alignment of the spine. As a result, you feel more comfortable when you lie down in bed.  

3. Rabbit Pose

It is an inverted posture that pumps more blood and oxygen to your entire body, especially the brain and face. This pose strengthens your core and corrects the alignment of your spine. It not only reduces stress but also rewards you with a glowing face. In addition, it opens the back of the heart chakra that in turn boosts self-love by releasing stress and anxiety.

4. Eye of the Needle

Not getting enough rest due to pain in the lower back? Try performing eye of the needle pose as it will reduce the pain in your lower back and is a great hip opener. So, perform this asana if you want to experience a sound sleep.

5. Frog Pose

Manduasana or the frog pose opens up your hips, stretches your inner thighs, and groin area. It also rewards you with a healthy spine, stretches your shoulders, and opens up your heart. It is the best for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and keeps you calm and relaxed.

Final Words

Do you want to experience better sleep? If yes, then take the first step i.e. start performing the above Yoga postures and experience one night of good sleep!

Also, don’t forget to share your experience in the comment box given below!