5 Positive Financial Steps you can take as a Yoga Teacher

Becoming a yoga teacher can be an incredibly rewarding profession, that’s the reason why most people are ready to embark upon their journey of becoming yoga professionals. Whether you, like it or not, “money makes the world go around,” or you can say that to enjoy a fruitful and fulfilling life, you have to be a little money-smart and oriented.

So, are you ready to proudly claim your position as a money-smart yoga teacher, here’re the best 5 positive financial steps that you can take! Have a Look!

  1. Don’t quit your full-time job unless your yoga earnings cover at least half your Living expenses.

It might sound harsh, but it’s the reality. Not quitting your full-time job is a great way to start teaching at minimum risk. After completing a yoga teacher training course, it can be hard to find teaching jobs that pay well. So, don’t even consider leaving your full-time job.

Teaching yoga while keeping your full-day job lets you increase your knowledge and experience, without any financial stress.

2. Find a Part-Time Job to fill in the Income Gaps.

Consider scrounging for a part-time job for either short-term or long-term. This part-time job would be a springboard between leaving your full-time job and teaching the art of yoga and fitness side by side.

You can go and search for hourly jobs as they pay you pretty well and there is no need to do any extra work at home.

3. Scrounge for ways to impart your knowledge through Products instead of Services.

One of the biggest financial challenges faced as a yoga teacher is that this profession is not scalable, which means that teaching is the only way to make money. It means that if you are sick or on vacation, you’ll not be able to teach.  

To make more money and grow your livelihood, you can follow other revenue streams such as you can write a book, create YouTube tutorials and videos, and provide your knowledge to others by taking a cost.

4. Find ways to teach outside studios where you can earn more by setting your charges.

As a professional or a guru, you should find more and more ways to go beyond teaching just in a studio. You can take sessions in schools, colleges, and corporate. Another major advantage of teaching outside the studios is that you can set your charges. After completing a teacher training course and getting enlisted with Yoga Alliance USA, you can go online and take classes all across the globe and earn pretty well.

Going beyond the studio is the best financial move in the right direction that you can take and make more money.

5. Challenge your mindset and Give Yourself a Raise

Most teachers do not charge what they are worth. You have indeed spent thousands on teacher training courses, have taught for hundreds of hours, and yet you’re working with less pay. First and foremost, you need to recognize and acknowledge that you’re worth it!

Your knowledge and your ability to teach are valuable to people – and it’s perfectly fine to charge for it! Challenge your mindset and give yourself a raise.

Wrapping Up

Teaching yoga is wonderful as it rewards you in a way you can’t imagine. However, it’s always advisable to be proactive and specific with your plans if you don’t want to experience any financial distress.