5 Best Ways to Stay Committed to your Yoga Practice

You started your yoga journey with great zest and zeal. You are practicing this art beyond the mat every day. No matter it’s raining or it’s cold outside, you are committed. That was a few months ago, or are you still on the yoga bandwagon? You know that what benefits yoga brings in your life, no matter physically or mentally, but somehow as time passes, it becomes a little harder to stick to your mat.

You love it, right, but why it seems difficult to stick to your daily practice? Let’s commit, it’s not easy to stick to your practice when you are facing challenges, hardships, or uproars in your life. It becomes difficult to take a mat and practice yoga in these situations amidst all the drama and stress. Yoga is not something that is only there to catch you up when you are sad, it’s for good times as well.

So, today let’s make Yoga your #1 priority and stay committed to it!

In this article, we’ve shared the 5 best ways to make you committed! Have a look and Make it happen!

  1. Don’t give up and blame yourself when you fall off the Bandwagon

Initially, if you would fall out of your routine, don’t feel sad about yourself. Don’t feel weak and don’t fall off the radar. Don’t let these negative thoughts overpower you! Just keep going and move your vehicle in a positive direction. When you feel like falling out of your routine, simply say, I am a human and it’s completely OK! Be nice to yourself and stay committed and motivated!

2. Understand that it takes time to build up a practice

Let’s stick to the fact that it is not easy to build up a habit! It takes continuous effort and time for something to become a daily habit. Yoga indeed comes up with a lot of benefits, but it still takes time to stick to a habit. Give yourself the time and realize that you can’t make yoga a habit overnight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Don’t rush and Trust the process!

3. Experience until you find your way

Everyone’s ideal situation is different. Some may find it comfortable to practice in a studio while others might be interested in taking online classes as they want to deepen their practice from the comfort of their home. Maybe the online teacher training courses are the best for you! Everyone has a different budget, timings, and comfort level. Fortunately, you can find the best from the best options available.

4. Recall the benefits and reinforce the positive

The awesome benefit offered by the ancient practice is the best thing that can make you stick to your daily habit. Increased concentration and focus, more flexibility, improved strength (to mention a few) are some of the awesome benefits that this practice offers. The more you focus on the benefits, the more you’ll get motivated! So, jot down the points why you started and stick to it!

5. Allow yourself to Grow and Expand

There is no right way to practice Yoga! Well, what works for you might not work tomorrow and that’s OKAY! “Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, and to the self”! Your journey will indeed be filled with twists and turns, however, it’s the best time to learn and discover new things. Follow the above tips and don’t forget to share which way worked the best for you!

Always remember that it is not a hobby, rather it’s a way of life! If you don’t have to complete one hour to practice yoga postures, it’s better to start with a little as something is better than nothing!