Under 20? 4 Reasons to Join Yoga Teacher Training Course!

Have you just completed high school? Fiddling between arrays of career choices? Well, there are a lot of beautiful career vehicles that are sure to take you to your dream destination where success is waiting! Yoga is a wonderful and the most thriving industry to start your career with! The Pandemic has taught everyone to keep wellness on top of the priority list.

There are many career opportunities you can explore after completing the online yoga course. Do you want to know the top career opportunities?

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We believe that yoga teacher training should be added to the must-do list for all the folks who are under the age of 20. Here’s why:

  1. At the age of 19 or 20, you’re just figuring out “WHO YOU ARE”

It’s better to dive deep into the beautiful ocean of yoga now than you’re 45. (Not that a teacher training isn’t great thing to do at 45) After all, what else would be better than developing a great self-esteem and self-confidence at an early age? It’s always better to give the right nutrients to the seed at an early age so that it can blossom into a beautiful flower.

2. It teaches you “HOW TO LIVE?”

Not to mention, stress, tension, and worry attitude become pretty universal at an early age i.e. under 19. In this case, only the physical practice can help you deal with the daily stressors of life. So, an early practice of yoga is always beneficial as it teaches you the way you should live. It gives you the way to cope up and even say goodbye to the negative feelings. The younger the age, the better you’ll learn! Always remember that!

3. It teaches you the art of being open and how to live in the present

With an insane amount of distractions like scrolling the WhatsApp status, checking Facebook stories, and Instagram reels, being incredibly present is a hard nut to crack. Well, in this case, a YTT will give you the tools to be present and enjoy with the yogis with whom you’re practicing. So, start early because Life is so unpredictable, it will go on and on, Promise!

4. It teaches you to be authentically true

Being authentic is a struggle that almost everyone faces. In the era of pleasing others, yog teaches you to be authentically true and helps you figure out “who you are?” Isn’t it the best way to start your adult life by learning “who you are” at an early age, and how to focus and stay in the present moment and be unapologetically true to yourself!