3 Yoga Postures you can Perform from the Comfort of your Chair

Stuck at a desk all day long at the office? Tired of facing the crunchy-hunchy feeling of sitting for too long and not being able to get up? First of all, it’s not advisable to sit for so long on a stiff chair. Even the doctors suggest that you should take a walk after every hour as it will make you active. So, pull over and walk for around 10 minutes.

You all are indeed busy in your lives, however, it’s always suggested to devote at least one hour to yourself. Some people can’t afford the time and money required to register for an online yoga teacher training course. Others perform yoga in the middle of their workday, sitting on the computer chair.

Are you intrigued to know the yoga postures that you can perform from the comfort of your chair? Try these yoga poses once and your legs, and hips will thank you!

  1. Eagle Arms

Feeling cramped up on your desk? In this case, the eagle pose is the best one to practice as it is a great way to stretch your shoulders and upper back. You just simply need to cross your elbows one under the other and gently press the back of your forearms together and don’t forget to bring your palms together. Try to tuck your chin with your chest and deeply stretch your elbows. Don’t perform this pose if you have a serious injury in your shoulder.  

2. Seated Pigeon

The Seated pigeon pose helps you stretch your hips by giving them an external rotation. In addition, this pose will also give your lower back a major stretch. You just need to sit on a chair and cross your ankle over your thigh to depict the number 4 with the help of your legs. Now, flex your lifted leg to protect and stretch your hips and ankle. Sit straight and hold this position for a few seconds and then, RELAX!

3. Straight Leg Lifts

Your hamstrings are fussy beings – they stretch when you stand and move and also when you sit for a longer period. Take your foot in your hand with a bent knee and kick your grip until you stretch your legs and feel the stretch. Keep your back straight as it will help you feel better all around. Don’t forget to take care of your body. Take breaks when needed and don’t rush.

Final Words

Yoga is a form of exercise that makes you disconnect from your surroundings and help you connect with your inner self. The steps of the 3 Yoga asanas are coordinated with a deep flow of slow inhales and exhales. Start your yoga practice now and don’t forget to stretch your body before embarking upon your yoga journey. Happy Yoga!