Top 10 Yoga Postures for Instant Stress Relief

Yoga continues to pick up the threads and is growing in popularity due to the physical and mental health benefits that it offers. Making yoga your daily habit can help prevent and reduce the stress that is a common problem nowadays. Stress reduction is a common goal for all people who want to create positive self-growth and make self-improvement a priority.

Not only yoga postures, your regular yoga practice includes breathing, meditation, and Pranayama techniques like Yoga Nidra. Stress can have serious repercussions on your overall health if it lasts longer. It affects almost every aspect of life such as emotions, thinking ability, physical health, spiritual health, and the amount of stress depends upon person to person.

How Yoga Releases your Stress?

Yoga can do wonders if you want to transform your stressful life into a happy one. What you need to do is include this practice in your daily life so that you can face astonishing results.

  • It improves serotonin balance.
  • It reduces the production of your stress hormone i.e. Cortisol.
  • It helps release endorphins.
  • It bolsters your mood and anxiety.
  • It regulates your breath and relaxes your body.

10 Yoga Postures to Get Started Your Stress-Busting Journey

  1. Hastapadasana i.e. standing forward bend

How to Perform: Breathe in and extend your arms overhead, bend your body, and try to touch your toes.

How it Benefits: This posture stretches your muscles and can be performed as a warm-up exercise. Secondly, it calms your nervous system and promotes blood circulation throughout the body. This Yoga pose, if practiced regularly, quiets your mind and promotes calmness.

2. Vrikshasana i.e. Tree pose

How to Perform: Stand straight with your arms by the sides. Now, lift your right leg and place your foot on the inner side of the left thigh. Now, maintain the balance and join your palms in the Namaskara position. Maintain the position and change the sides.

How it Benefits: It improves your neuromuscular coordination and helps you with balance and endurance. In addition, this pose is perfect for the ones who suffer from Sciatica i.e. nerve pain in the legs.   

3. Adho Mukha Savasana i.e. Downward-facing dog

How to Perform: Start this pose by coming on all the fours on the mat. Make sure that your hands are directly under your shoulder and your knees are in perfect congruence with your hips. Now, take a deep breath and straighten your legs by pushing your legs up. Make sure that your body is in an inverted V-position and touch your feet with the floor.

How it Benefits: This asana, improves overall blood flow to the brain calms your nervous system and alleviates your stress and anxiety.

4. Shishuasana i.e. Child pose

How to Perform: Sit on your heels by keeping your hips on them, and then bend forward and try to touch the floor with your forehead. Gently press your chest on your thighs and hold this position to feel the difference.

How it Benefits: It can do wonders if you are suffering from lower back pain. In addition, it calms your brain and alleviates all the stress and tensions.

5. Marjariasana i.e. Cat Pose

How to Perform: Come on your palms, heels, and toes. Keep your hands width apart, knees hips width apart, and keep your heels parallel. Inhale slowly, raise your chin, push your navel inwards, and raise your tailbone by compressing your buttocks. Hold the pose and release it gently.

How it Benefits: It relieves all the stress and calms your mind. In addition, it also teaches you how to balance your mind emotionally.

6. Janu Sirsasana i.e. One-legged seated forward bend

How to Perform: Outstretch both your legs in front of you. Now, slowly bend your left knee and touch the sole of your left knee to your right inner thigh. Now, bring your body down and touch your forehead on the right knee. Stretch your spine and feel it. Repeat on the other side as well.

How it Benefits: This yoga posture if practiced regularly calms your mind and body, relieve stress and anxiety, and also helps you say goodbye to headaches and fatigue.

7. Paschimottanasana i.e. Two-legged seated forward bend

How to Perform: Sit down and stretch both the legs in front of you. Now, touch your feet with your hands and bend your body so that you can touch your forehead on your knees.

How it Benefits: It calms the mind, relieves anxiety and depression. In addition, it also gives you a healthy spine.

8. Setu Bandhasana i.e. Bridge Pose

How to Perform: Lie down on your back, fold your knees. Now, inhale slowly and raise your hips, thighs, pelvis area, and gradually lower back. Hold for a few seconds and relax.

How it Benefits: It releases stress and tension from your lower back and improves your overall well-being.

9. Sarvangasana i.e. Shoulder stand

How to Perform: Lie down on your back, lift your legs. Take your legs up by supporting your back, and bring your legs perpendicular to the floor. Let your legs in line with your lower back. Hold this position for one minute and relax your body.

How it Benefits: It improves overall blood circulation, calms your nervous system and keeps you away from stress and anxiety.

10. Matsyasana i.e. Fish Pose

How to Perform: Sit in Padmasana and relax your entire body. Now, slowly bend your body backward with the support of your elbows and arms. Now, lift your chest and lower your head towards the floor. Relax the entire body, and rest in this position for a while.

How it Benefits: This posture relieves tension in the upper body, neck, and shoulders. In addition, it soothes your mind, body, and soul.


If you feel stressed or anxious, it’s time to start your yoga journey now and perform the above postures as they will do magic. Try these Yoga poses now and don’t forget to share which pose worked the best for you! Have a smooth yoga journey!